Protein Supplement plays a vital role in process of Lean Muscle Bodybuilding. We can’t deny the fact that muscle is made up of protein and much other nutrition’s, so if you want a muscular physique you must have to feed your muscle with quality protein and essential nutrition. Bodybuilding is not about putting some extra weight taking a high-calorie meal. It’s a way to achieve an optimum state of body fitness, where you get rid of obese, Laziness, tiredness, and procrastination.

Broadly there are two possibilities of lean muscle building process. Either Skinny to Lean Muscle Building or Heavy to Lean Muscle Building. We will discuss both cases in detail, what should be the diet for the individual.

Lean Muscle Building Diet Plan:

From Skinny to Lean Muscle (Male):

If your body weight in between 45 and 55kg then your initial Training will follow Gaining Diet plan that should be high in Calorie and Carbohydrates. First few weeks of your Calorie intake should be around 2000 to 2300 kcal and 70 to 80 g of Carbohydrate and to boost the Workout performance consume 25 to 30 g of Protein each day. A Hardcore Workout and this Diet plan lead you to grow your body weight as well Muscle Size within a couple of months. We know that this is a bit difficult to get the mentioned amount of Calorie and Protein in our normal daily Diet, so we need a quality Supplement that can deliver the desired amount of Nutrition to fulfill our body needs.

I would suggest you the best Protein Supplement for the rapid growth is “Hardcore Mass Gainer”, 100g of this Supplement includes 390 kcal, 25.41 g Protein and 65g of Carbohydrate is a perfect ratio to give your body an optimum Strength and rapid recovery. After 6 months of Endurance Workout add another essential Supplement in your Diet “Creatine”. It helps to boost your Stamina and improves your Muscle growth.


From heavy to Lean Muscle (Male):

A body weight in between 75 and 90 kg comes under Bulk Weight Gain. A perfect body Weight for the Lean and Muscular Physique is 68 kg to 73 kg. To achieve this goal you need to give an extra attention to your Diet plan like your daily intake shouldn’t be high in Carbohydrate or Cholesterol. Your daily Dietary plan should be rich in Protein and Amino besides Vitamin and Minerals. You need to perform a Hardcore Workout for the reduction of extra Calorie and improve Metabolism rate. In order to maintain both of this activity, you need the best Protein Supplement that can provide you Strength for Endurance Workout and ingredients to improve your Metabolism rate.

Rapid Gain is famous among top bodybuilders and Sports Athletes as it contains rich amount of Protein Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAAs) and Glutamine that is best elements to improve your body Strength and faster recovery. Using this Supplement you can get the desired Muscular Physique you always wanted, to enhance this process and to make this task bit easier you can avail a quality Fat Burner Hyper Ripped Capsule”, it works as a catalyst in Lean Muscle growth.

The intense and determined Workout is the first step to chase this Fitness Goal. The Supplement is designed to give you Strength, Stamina and Essential Nutrition to perform the optimum Workout performance, but your continuous Workout is the only thing that helps you to achieve the Fitness Goal. So both Workout and Supplement is complementary to each other, buy Supplement online from authorized supplier to get the authentic product.


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