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A Protein is a large group of organic compounds, made up of hundreds to thousands of Amino Acids. They are an essential part of every cell in your body. Proteins play a key role in all basic biological processes. They form the structure of living cells and are thus vital for growth and repair. Whey Protein is fast digesting and absorbs quickly into the body, making it a good choice for a Pre-or Post-Workout Drink. It has also been shown to help with Weight Loss and Muscle Tone, maintain organ function. Also Protein safeguards against Malnutrition by helping the body make use of other Nutrients.


What is GXN Rule Whey Protein?

GXN Rule Whey Protein can be the best solution for your Fitness needs because it contains the full amount of Protein in the purest form. Apart from this purest form of better Protein makes you deliver more Power, improve your Lean Muscle Metabolism and helps you in boosting your Stamina and Endurance throughout the Exercise session which lets you enjoy the whole activity without getting tired. A superior Whey Isolates that’s Low in Tat, Lactose and Carbohydrates. It is produced by cross-flow microfiltration which gives you a high amount of Protein Per Scoop without the Saturated Fats and Cholesterol of other Proteins.


GXN Rule Whey is built with 100% the the highest Protein Quality Whey Concentrate to build and craft the Lean Mass and bigger Muscles. So that you can achieve a Strong, Sthletic body during the Workout. It promotes an increase in Metabolism Rate for high Energy Level and continuous Workout sessions to Burn Fat more effectively. A GXN Protein Supplement that can be taken before or after your Training, kicks off your recovery and helps in muscle Growth. It is made up of Essential Amino Acids, BCAA, EAA and Glutamic acid with 22 Essential Amino Acids, thus it helps in building blocks of Muscle Protein and minimizing the damage in Muscles while doing an intense Workout. GXN Rule Whey is an easy choice for your next shake or smoothie.


Benefits of GXN Rule Whey Protein:


Gives High Strength & Energy:

GXN Rule Whey Protein blend is perfect for active men or women who want to build Muscles and Burn Fat during grueling Workouts. GXN Rule Whey Protein not only provides unbeatable Strength and Energy but also increases insulin production, which stimulates Muscle Growth.


Building Blocks and Faster Muscle Recovery:

GXN’s Whey contains Amino Acids that assists in building Muscles, as well as pure form of Whey Powder that easily dissolves in the body in comparison to other Protein Supplements. GXN Protein Supplement relieves Soreness and repairs damaged Muscle Tissues and renews it.


Promotes Lean Mass Body via Weight Loss:

Many scientists have suggested that substituting some other foods with Whey Protein during Exercise may help reducing Excess Body Weight and transform your body into a Lean, Muscular Shape. Rule Whey is one such source for those who want an attractive Lean Muscle Shape with the right Weight.


Boost Athletic Performance:

GXN Rule Whey is formulated with BCAA and EAA, which are also known as Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Branched-Ahain Amino Acids help with building Muscle Strength, thereby providing endurance for a longer period. They also help in removing the lethargic feelings during the Workout. Various Gym Enthusiasts or Sportspeople can intake GXN Rule Whey Protein to boost up their Physical Performance.


GXN Rule Whey contains no artificial ingredients or added sugar, so it’s safe for both men and women who want to stay healthy and fit. Unlike other Protein Powders, GXN Rule Whey is made with only natural ingredients. It’s tested for purity, so you can trust that it won't cause any side effects if you use it as directed. You can feel great about using GXN Rule Whey to achieve your Fitness Goals.


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