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Know all about GXN Rule whey

GXN Rule Whey Protein is a newly launched premium quality supplement that is specially designed with the highest-grade whey protein sources, imported from USA. It’s a complete profile of amino acids brought to market in 2kg pack with two yummy flavour options, American Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake.


In each scoop of 31g, Rule Whey delivers 5g BCAA, 11g EAA, 4g Glutamic Acid, 24g protein in American ice cream and 23 g protein in chocolate cake along with 22 Essential Amino Acids play a vital role in the body for building blocks of muscles to reduce excess fat of individual via weight loss.


GXN Rule Whey is gluten & sugar-free with pure veg digestive enzymes to support easy digestive and quick absorption. This purest protein is a scientifically proven supplement that assists & promotes lean muscle body with peak athletic performance.The multi-functional supplement provides unbeatable strength during workouts and makes gym or sports time qualitative.


People who can use:

GXN Rule Whey is the best health supplement that provides energy and stamina to the human body. This health supplement is not just beneficial for bodybuilding but also it can be used by any man or woman.

Rule Whey improves the whole process of muscle building and thus it is helpful for those who are involved in physical exercise such as running, swimming or any kind of athletic activities.


How to take rule whey

You can take one scoop of GXN Rule Whey with water, fat free milk or your favorite beverage in a shaker bottle.

You can also blend it and make a shake with fruits, juice or yoghurt.

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