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Kindly read the entire terms and conditions precisely. These are the principal information that will help you to understand your legal rights on this website.
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Eligibility and Restrictions


1. You are eligible to use this website for the legit purpose only.
2. The device you are using for accessing this website must not be involved in any kind of unlawful act.
3. You are eligible to perform the activities on website like Visit, chat, purchase and review only and you are strictly prohibited to modify or edit the available content on the website. If it's found that you are involved in any kind of restricted activity than it will lead you to the legal jurisdictions.
4. You shall not use this website to spread malicious, abusive, obscene, libellous or any objectionable material.
5. None of the individuals are allowed to obstruct any other person’s use or enjoyment of the website.
6. You are strictly prohibited from framing, hot linking and deep linking any content on the website.
7. This is an offense, if you violate or attempt to violate the integrity or security of the website or its content.
8. You are not allowed to deconstruct, decompile, decipher or reverse engineer any part of the website.
9. The website doesn’t allow transaction using crypto currency and any kind of digital or physical material which is not considered by the Reserve Bank of India.
10. Each of the buyers is restricted to buy more/less than limited quantity and company reserve the right to cancel, modify and deny the order of disallowed quantity.

Accuracy and Authenticity of content:
1. We have taken all the required precautions to maintain the veracity of the content.
2. Present content could be more relatable to the published date and time and may not match with the current timing.
3. The product listed on the website may or may be not available all the time and company is not compelled to mention the same.
4. The weights, dimensions and capacities of the listed products are approximate only. We have made our extreme effort to display the facts as accurate as possible.
5. The company can’t give you surety that colour of received product will match the colour you saw while purchasing as it majorly depends upon the monitor’s display.
6. Company content team welcomes your suggestion to improve the quality and accuracy of content. You are allowed to suggest text content only.

Accuracy and Authenticity of content:
1. We accept payment through Net banking, credit card, Debit card, and COD*
2. The company can deny for delivery even after the order’s placement, in the condition of product scarcity, quantity, the location of order or any other personal reason and we are not bound to give the clarification for that.
3. Delivery time could exceed the mentioned time limit and this reason would not be sufficient to deny the acceptance.
4. Price of the product is variable and it may vary for different buyers at the different places.


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