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Know All About GXN Refuelz

GXN Refuelz is an instant energy drink with added glutamine, BCAA and is used to supply continuous energy throughout the workout. Each serving of Refuelz contains 121 kcal, 30.38g Carbohydrate, 258mg Sodium, 500mg BCAA, 500mg Glutamine with ZERO Caffeine, ZERO added sugar, absolutely zero fat. That’s what makes Greenex Nutrition's Refuelz the best energy drink supplement for instant energy and hydration.

 It is an Isotonic drink which means it is absorbed instantly by the body and generates energy that is readily available to the body. Isotonic sports drinks are the most popular kind of energy drinks used by long-distance competitors such as swimmers, long-distance runners, or any other demanding physical activity. Refuelz efficiently replenishes the electrolytes and fluids lost due to sweating as it provides instant hydration to body cells to perform better for longer durations.

 Isotonic energy drinks such as Greenex Nutrition's Refuelz do not claim to make any physical changes in your body like increased muscles but to use as a performance booster supplement that gives you instant energy during workouts whether you are involved with some kinds of outdoor sports/ gym workouts or even for daily physical activities.


Who Can Use Refuelz Energy Drink?

Greenex Nutrition's Refuelz is the most popular instant energy drink among top athletes and young adults as an intra workout supplement. Men and women between the age of 18 and 45 may consume Refuelz daily.

Greenex Nutrition's Refuelz is highly beneficial for athletes who workout for extended periods or in very hot weather. It is advised for children & diabetic people to avoid energy drinks. Diabetic, pregnant & breastfeeding women should only use this product upon the advice of a qualified physician and dietician.


Recommended Dosage:

Add one scoop (33g) of Refuelz in 500 ml chilled water, stir well to mix and consume during training.

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