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GXN Peanut Butter brings the best quality protein with roasted peanuts. It is the easiest way to fulfill your daily protein requirement. It does not contain any refined sugar and formulated with organic jaggery.

GXN Peanut Butter contains high quality peanuts with extra ordinary flavours. It makes perfect high protein snack contains high amount of dietary fiber and promotes healthy lifestyle.

It is best when consumed with sandwiches, fruits and salads. Stirring Peanut Butter into yogurts or warm oatmeal makes a high protein snack for athletes and body builders.


Benefits of GXN Peanut Butter:

► Supports lean muscles.

► Enhance workout performance.

► Helps to maintain healthy body weight.

► Supports healthy heart .

► Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar level.

► Improve metabolism rate.

► Reduces risk of diabetes.

► Lowers bad cholesterol.

► Supports healthy immunity.


People Who Can Use?

It can be consumed by anyone to fulfill their daily protein requirement in a convenient way and want to enhance amount of  healthy fats in their diet. People who want to build muscles, weight maintenance and sports performance are advised to take GXN peanut butter on a regular basis.

How to Consume GXN Peanuts Butter                                                         

It can be consumed directly 2 table spoons daily, either you can add it to shake, spread toasts or add to your own recipe.

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