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Know All About GXN L-Carnitine with Choline & Caffeine

GXN Liquid L-Carnitine is an extremely superb supplement to burn stored body fat rapidly, by dissolving the fatty acids to elevate body  energy level instantly. This  L-Carnitine in liquid form with amazing flavours and supplies 3300mg L-Carnitine, 5 mg Vitamin B5, 300mg Choline and 80mg Caffeine per serving of 14 ml.


It has been scientifically proven that L-Carnitine with choline & caffeine is more potent to burn fat than L-Carnitine alone. Research also suggests that if carnitine is consumed with Vitamin B5 then it metabolizes body fat faster and transforms fat into energy (ATP). L-Carnitine supplement significantly boosts athletic performance & promotes lean muscles rapidly.


In other words, L- Carnitine helps by dissolving excess body fat to energy. Thus, supports intense workouts with enhanced endurance, strength and stamina.


Benefits of L-Carnitine with Choline & Caffeine:

1. Added Choline and Caffeine Supports Rapid Weight Loss.

2. Increase Workout Efficiency for Longer Hours.

3. Helps to Burn Stored Body Fat and Convert it to Energy.

4. Boost the Cellular Energy for Heavy Workout Training.

5. Faster Absorption and Best in Taste.

6. Increase Strength & Stamina to Make Workouts Efficient.


L-Carnitine is a triple time powerful nutritional supplement specially formulated to dissolve stubborn body fat aggressively and get the leaner muscles in a quick time. It neither contains doping ingredients nor added sugar.


GXN L-Carnitine is available in best flavour options with multiple flavours like Blueberry, Orange and Cranberry with refreshing tastes. It quickly absorbs in body and produces immense energy. In addition, it improves carnitine deficiency to support the other health functions that makes it a really good choice for someone who wants to lead a workout life actively.


People who can use it:

Anyone can use GXN Liquid L-Carnitine for burning the excess fat with boosted higher energy. It cuts the fat and converts it into energy. Men as well as women can consume it to burn belly fat. Athletes & gymnasts find it as the best supplement to fight against excess body weight.


Recommended Dosage:

Take one serving (14ml) or suggested by healthcare professional.


Important Notes:

Pregnant & lactating women or people with medical conditions should consult a dietician before consuming the product.

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