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Know All About GXN Whey Stak

GXN Whey Stak is an advanced whey protein formula, formulated to support recovery and muscle growth. Each serving of whey stak provides 25g protein and 5g Glutamine. Glutamine is well known to support instant muscle recovery and helps in lean muscle building.

It is perfect whey protein supplement for instant recovery, rapid muscle growth and increased muscle size. It contains BCAAs and glutamine that supports strength and stamina during workouts.

Whey Stak Protein Supplement can be used as a post-workout supplement to repair muscle tissue and enhance muscle growth. Whey Stak is yet another finest muscle-building supplement by GXN. It has high amount of protein as required by body for real muscle growth without putting on excess body weight. Regular use of this incredible product increase your muscle mass and promotes recovery from workout induced fatigue and muscle breakdown.

Whey stak contains all nine essential amino acid that are necessary for muscle growth, recovery and strength.

Whey Stak Protein is used by elite body builders and sports athletes to fuel their endurance, strength and muscle building.

Benefits of using Whey Stak:
•  Supports recovery and muscle growth
Whey stak supplies 25g protein per serving along with 5g glutamine that helps in instant recovery and quick lean muscle synthesis, along with strength and stamina.

•  Aids in weight loss
Whey stak when combine with regular training and optimum diet may help in reducing fat mass and builds muscle mass.

•  Easy digestion
Whey stak is formulated with whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate along with pure veg digestive enzymes that leads to easy digestion and complete absorption of protein without stomach bloating and without stomach discomfort.

•  Delicious Taste
GXN Whey stak has delicious flavors, whey Protein Isolate and concentrate is mixed with glutamine and flavors like Swiss Chocolate, Classic Coffee, Mango Alphonso, Maple Pistachio ice cream  and has first in class taste.

•  People who can use
Whey stak can be used by both men and women who wants to build muscular physique. Body builders and gym goers can use whey stak to recover quickly from exercise induced muscular stress and fatigue.

Direction Recommended Usage: Mix 1 scoop (38g Approx.) of whey stak with 350-380 ml water or milk. Diabetic, pregnant & breastfeeding women should only use this product upon the advice of a qualified licensed physician or dietician. Bodybuilders and Athletes: Two servings per day.

Fitness Enthusiasts: One serving per day.

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