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Know All About GXN Pure Isolate Whey Protein

GXN Pure Isolate Whey is a 100% raw, natural, and unflavoured source of protein that aids in the faster growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It is the purest form of whey with zero additives. Each serving (30g) of Pure Isolate Whey supplies 27g Protein, 111kcal, ZERO sugar, and ZERO trans-fat. It does not contain any artificial or natural sweetener. That’s why you get the pure and best Whey Protein Isolate product in its purest ad raw form for lean muscle building.


Raw Isolate Protein is membrane filtered where the fats, lactose, and carbs are removed from it and leaving purest Whey Supplement which is absorbed easily by the body. That is why Pure Isolate Whey is known as the best post-workout supplement for quick repair and recovery.


GXN Pure Whey Protein Isolate is something that a person can consume for longer period, maybe even for months or years. It is just like another food source of protein with zero adulteration. It is important that a good protein source must be free from any preservative. Here GXN isolate whey wins for sure. However, it does not taste awesome but the motive of taking this product is not to have just a good taste but good results.


Buying a best whey protein isolate will help you to achieve your fitness goals by helping with post-workout recovery, benefiting your body and health in a number of ways.


Recommended Usage: A natural lumps-free protein drink can be made whenever you want by mixing full scoop ( 30g Approx. ) with 350ml of 2% milk ( for unflavoured drink ) or add flavour and sugar ( for flavoured drink ), however unflavoured drink is suggested.

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