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GXN Nitra Whey has whey isolate as primary protein source that provides strength and supports quick lean muscle growth. It contains ingredients that are proven to enhance natural testosterone in the body, support after workout recovery and minimize muscle damage during workouts. Nitra Whey is a superb European Originated isolate whey formula with added testosterone boosters.

GXN Nitra Whey is composed of Rosehip extract to support joint health, Ashwagandha for immunity, Safed Musli, Tribulus terrestris to support testosterone level in body.


To ensure the quality of Nitra Whey, ingredients are tested for purity before using in the supplement. It is perfect for bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts to grow and maintain lean muscle mass. 


Benefits of Using Nitra Whey:

1. Build Lean Muscles

Each serving of GXN Nitra Whey supplies 25g protein along with creatine and taurine that supports lean muscle mass and minimize the recovery time.

2. Improved Strength & Quick recovery

Nitra Whey formulated with  Strength Matrix containing Creatine and Taurine both are scientifically proven to enhance strength and endurance during workouts. Whey protein along with taurine is known to support after workout recovery.

3. Supports Natural Testosterone

Nitra Whey is an advance scientific formula that includes T-Boost Blend containing Safed Musli, Tribulus Terrestris Ashwagandha all are known to enhance natural testosterone in the body, which in turn helps in rapid muscle mass gain. 

4. Supports Healthy Joints

GXN Nitra Whey is formulated with Rosehip extract and Calcium which supports healthy joints and combat any stress on the joints during workouts.

5. Easy to Digest

Fortified with pure veg digestive enzymes (Alpha amylase, Gluco amylase & Papain) to support easy digestion and complete absorption of nutrients. Hence, prevents wastage of nutrients.

6. Delicious Taste

 GXN Nitra Whey is formulated with highest-grade imported natural and nature identical flavours (Dutch Chocolate, Classic Coffee & American Ice-cream) for first-in-class taste.

People Who Can Use.

GXN Nitra Whey supplement can be used by anyone who wants to perform efficiently during workouts and wants to build lean and muscular physique. It is an excellent supplement for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for performance, muscle growth and after workout recovery.

How to enjoy the Nitra Whey supplement?

You can take one scoop of Nitra Whey with water, fat free milk or your favourite beverage in a shaker bottle or you can blend and mix it with a shake of fruits, juice or yoghurt.

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