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GXN Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus supplement is brought with great intent to help the athletes and bodybuilders in their fitness journey. Just whey Test Plus is U.S.A originated highest quality whey containing complete essential and non-essentials amino acids profile including BCAAs, EAAs with zinc and vitamin B6. It keeps muscles in anabolic state (muscle building state) and improves testosterone level. GXN Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus is the perfect choice for faster muscle growth with no doping ingredients. It does not contain any added sugar or additives.

Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus delivers 122 kcal power, 24g Protein, 5.12g BCAA, 10.36 EAA, 10mg zinc, 1mg Vitamin B6 in each 33.3g Scoop.

GXN Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus contains  added  Zinc and Vitamin B6 that assists in energy production and may support healthy testosterone level. Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus is an effective Whey Protein Supplement to support training & muscle growth, that makes it best choice for athletes, body builders & sports person.


Facts of GXN Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus.

This supplement is pivotal and real to build stronger muscles & intense workouts. Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus supplement has various benefits.

1.     Perfect whey protein drink to keep muscles in anabolic (muscle synthesis) state.

2.     No added sugar, no artificial sweetener , no additives 

3.     Enzymes, Zinc and Vitamin B6 to  support easy digestion and natural testosterone.  

4.     It makes a natural lump free protein drink.


People Who Can Use?

GXN Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus is highest grade unflavoured 100% whey protein supplement that is manufactured in GMP certified ultra-modern facility. It is suggested for each fitness enthusiast such as sportsman, athletes and bodybuilders. It promotes muscle growth, strength along with overall health. Whey protein is easy to  digest and effectively works on muscle development.


How to Enjoy GXN Just Whey Concentrate Test Plus?

A natural lump free protein drink can be made anytime by mixing one scoop (33.3g approx.) with 350ml, 2% milk (for unflavoured drink) or add flavour and sugar (for flavoured drink), however unflavoured drink is suggested.

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