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Know All About GXN Beta Alanine

GXN Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is used as a dietary supplement to increase exercise efficiency by increasing endurance to support the development of lean muscle mass. It also protects our cells and initiates cell repair by neutralizing the effects of free radicals in our body cells.

As we know that a rise in the level of alanine increases the content of carnosine stored in the whole body or, muscles which are helpful for the brain. As Carnosine is used by the human brain to heal tissues and flush out toxins.


Benefits of using GXN Beta Alanine

1. GXN Beta-Alanine to improve body composition by increasing training volume and promoting muscle growth.

2. GXN Beta-Alanine can help to increase muscle endurance and reduce fatigue.

3. GXN Beta-Alanine Supplement is used to increase workout duration.

During the workout or exercise session hydrogen ions are released which reduces the pH and exercise performance. After consuming Beta Alanine carnosine buffers hydrogen ions and stabilizes the pH of the body that increases the exercise performance due to delayed fatigue.

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