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GXN Complete EAA is the best Intra-Workout supplement currently available in the market. This Intra-Workout supplement is formulated with all 9 essential amino acids with coconut water powder, electrolytes, minerals and vitamins that provides necessary hydration during workouts, elevates lean muscle growth and speed-up after workout recovery.


To ensure the quality & efficacy of Complete EAA ingredients are tested for purity before using in the supplement. It contains instantized and pure veg. form of BCAAs & EAAs which maximize the amino acid absorption. It is clinically proven to boost your muscle mass with rapid after workout recovery as it has powerful hydration complex (Electrolytes, Coconut Water Powder, Sodium, Potassium).


Benefits of Using Complete EAA


1. Provides all Essential Amino Acids.

Each serving of GXN Complete EAA provides all Essential 9 Amino Acids and contains BCAAs in scientifically documented 2:1:1 ratio that helps in muscle growth and after workout recovery.


2. Formulated with Vitamins and Minerals.

GXN Complete EAA is formulated with Zinc, Chromium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, all are essential to regulate body energy level and combat stress during intense workouts.


3. Energy Supply Throughout Workout.

GXN Complete EAA contains BCAAs and EAAs along with electrolytes. Hence, supplies energy and hydration to enhance workout performance.


4. Provides Necessary Hydration.

GXN Complete EAA contains unique hydration blend consists of electrolytes, coconut water powder along with vitamins and minerals to keep your muscles hydrated. Hence, promotes workout efficiency and speed-up after workout recovery.


5. Delicious Taste.

GXN Complete EAA is formulated with imported high grade natural and nature identical flavours (Orange Blast, Fruit Magic, Mango Twist) for amazing taste.


People who can use.

Complete EAA supplement can be used by anyone who wants to perform efficiently during workouts and wants to build lean and muscular physique. It is an excellent supplement for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for performance, muscle growth and after workout recovery.

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