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Know All About GXN BCAA X9

GXN BCAA X9 is an advanced intra workout supplement containing instantized BCAAs and other performance enhancing ingredients. BCAA X9 is formulated to provide energy, focus and stamina during workouts. It is an intra-workout supplement to extend your workout duration. One complete serving provides  7g BCAAs, 4g citrulline along with 200mg ATP (Enhanced cellular energy) and Alpha GPC (Responsible for force development and hand eye coordination)

GXN BCAA X9 is formulated with Natural caffeine & L- Theanine that enhance mental focus and energy to elevate workout performance.

Regular consumption of this BCAA Supplement speed up Muscle protein synthesis, improves muscle recovery and energy production.

Bodybuilders and athletes use GXN BCAA X9 Powder  to enhanced their workout performance, after workout recovery and repair of muscle tissue.

Benefits of BCAA X9:

1. Enhance Workout Duration.

2. Instant Muscle Tissue Repair.

3. Decrease Muscle Soreness.

4. Enhance Focus & Muscle Pumps. 

5. Delays Fatigue & Build Lean Muscles .

6.Combat Dehydration.

Recommended Usage:  Mix 1 scoop (7g approx.) in 180 - 200 ml chilled water and consume during workout. 

Peak Workout Endurance: Consume two servings (14g approx.) in 280-350ml chilled water in first half of your workout for extra ordinary Muscle Mind Connection & Motivation during second half of your workout.

 Diabetic, Pregnant & Breast-Feeding women should only use this product upon the advice of a qualified licensed physician or dietician.

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