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Know All About GXN Active Glutamine

GXN Active Glutamine is HPLC tested, ultra pure glutamine. Best Glutamine like GXN Active Glutamine might help gut function, immune system and other essential processes in the body, especially in times of stress. It is also important for providing 'Fuel' (Nitrogen and Carbon) to many different cells in the body. The consumption rate of glutamine increases swiftly when we deal with some kind of stress or worry. But the role of glutamine in bodybuilding is very prominent because the elements of this multifunctional supplement provide unbeatable strength and boost energy for the workouts.

Lack of Glutamine in the body may damage muscle tissues but supplementing with active glutamine boost immunity, speed up recovery and enhance lean muscle mass.


Benefits of using Glutamine Supplement:

  • Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the body and more than 61% of skeleton muscle is glutamine.
  • Supplementation with glutamine is required to keep up bulk and synthesis of new muscle tissues.
  • Active Glutamine may help to decrease muscle soreness and revamp muscle tissues.
  • Elite athletes recommends GXN Active Glutamine as most vital amino acid supplement.


People who can use:-

Active Glutamine can be used by anyone who wants to prevent muscles from eaten-up (Muscle Wasting) after workout. Glutamine supplementation may be used in some medical conditions like Tumor, AIDS, or any other auto immune disease.



Mix 1 scoop (5 g) of active Glutamine in 180-200 ml of water or juice. It can be taken before, during or after workouts. In non training days take one serving in the morning on an empty stomach, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Diabetic, pregnant & breast feeding women should only use this product upon the advice of a qualified licensed physician or dietician.

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