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Greenex Nutrition (GXN) Rapid Gain– Best Mass Gainer in India

Are you dreaming of building up an attractive body and failing terribly in your mission? Well, say no more, we have got the answer to your prayers. Greenex Nutrition (GXN) has formulated the best mass gainer in India to help solve your body's underweight problem with its brand-new Rapid Gain supplement. The Rapid Gain is no doubt the best mass gainer in India which promises noticeable results and desirable mass gain. It provides 23g protein, 4g creatine, and 2g dietary fiber to the consumer in each 100g, isn't it great? In today’s era, appearance matters a lot, and everyone is concerned with building up a desirable body while having a proper shape and build-up, and the Rapid Gain is the solution to it. It is infused with ingredients like maltodextrin, milk solids (skimmed milk powder, whey protein concentrate), soya protein isolate, barley malt extract, sucrose, creatine, ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) extract, digestive enzymes (papain, alpha-amylase, Gluco amylase), sodium chloride, zinc oxide, and sweetener (ins 955).

The Rapid Gain by GXN is the best mass gainer in India as it is rich in protein. This calorie-dense supplement features ample amounts of carbohydrates and proteins to help build your body while keeping your immune system strong. It has a carbs versus protein ratio of 3:1 to help you gain mass. Additionally, this best mass gainer in India helps increase the appetite, leading your body to gain weight rapidly. While enhancing protein uptake and improving the body’s ability to absorb protein from the diet, this best mass gainer in India helps to gain muscle mass. Moreover, there are no side effects of the rapid weight gain using our supplement. You must be wondering whether you should choose Rapid Gain or not but let us ensure you that our supplement works for all if you don’t have food allergies. So, if you desire a strongly built athletic body, then our best mass gainer in India is surely your best option.

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