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Know All About GXN Carbo Ex.

GXN Carbo Ex is an extremely effective mass gaining supplement for those who desires to build a muscular physique. Carbo Ex is rich in carbs and calories which is best for the bulk mass gain. This quality mass gainer plays a pivotal role in instant delivering energy that helps in gearing up the glycogen level within your body muscles after the extreme workout. Carbo Ex helps in generating the ATP which fuels hard-core workouts, by keeping the glycogen amount in muscles. It contains zero fat with 71.5g of carbohydrates and 284kcal energy.


Benefits of Using GXN Carbo Ex:

1. GXN Carbo Ex consists carbohydrates that act as an ample energy source for the body.

2. Regular supplementation of Carbo Ex is enough to fulfill the constant requirement of energy supply, which is essential during an extreme workout, this nutritional support plays pivotal role in muscle growth.

3. GXN Carbo Ex helps in boosting up the glycogen level required during intense exercise or workout, cycling, marathon or running.


People who can use:

Carbo Ex is the best mass gainer for gym enthusiasts, athletes, health-conscious or skinny people who are dreaming to build a muscular physique.



It is advisable not to consume this supplement in case of allergies or if you are undergoing any sort of medication, if wants to use consult to a physician before taking this supplement. It is not recommended for children below 15 years.



Mix 1 scoop (74g approx.) of CARBO Ex in 250-300 ml of water or with your favourite drink.

As Pre Workout: Consume one serving immediately before workout.

As Post Workout: Consume one serving immediately after workout.

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