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Know All About GXN Bulk Gainer:

Bulk Gainer is a perfect supplement to boost mass gain rapidly. Mass gainer supplements like bulk gainer has the proven results, it is high in calories, carbohydrates & protein along with creatine and dietary fibers that not only increase body weight but also support muscle growth.

Bulk Gainer supplies 13g protein & 70g carbs per serving, it contains complete serving of creatine that supports strength & endurance.

Bulk Mass Gainer is perfect supplement for getting Bulk in body along with lean muscles.

Bulk Gainer Includes dietary fiber & digestive enzymes that improves gut health & digestion.

Bulk Gainer is easy on stomach & does not cause any stomach bloating.


Benefits of using Bulk Gainer:

 GXN Bulk Gainer, is specially designed for those who are underweight and struggling to achieve the required weight.

 Each serving (100g) of Bulk Gainer contains 374.96Kcal, 13.24g protein, 70.5g carbohydrate, 3g creatine and 2g dietary fibers.

 Bulk Gainer is the newly crafted perfect weight gainer supplement manufactured in Ultra Modern facility by GXN.

 It contains ingredients that improves your muscle recovery and speed up muscle growth.


People who can use:

This product can be used by anyone who desires an attractive body with proper shape and wants to build up muscles. Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use bulk gainer for muscle recovery, lean muscle growth and general growth. People under 18 years of age are not advised to take this supplement.



Mix one serving (100g Approx.) of Bulk Gainer in 300-350ml milk and consume one serving daily after your workout. Diabetic or person with medical condition should only use this product upon the advice of a qualified licensed physician & dietician.

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