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GXN Stainless Steel Shaker bottle is high quality 500 ML Shaker bottle.Say good bye to poor and smelly Shaker bottle .With 500ml high grade food grade stainless steel bottle and shaker ball makes it the highest quality steel bottle available in indian market. It's 100% food grade,100% leak proof,100% rust proof and 100 % BPA free.GXN steel shaker bottle is safest gym shaker bottle available.

This shaker bottle comes with high quality stainless steel spring which ball ideal for mixing protein shakes, meal replacements,energy drinks and smoothies, or you can just use it as a sipper bottle and can be used in any sports. The shaker has volume marking outside as well as inside the bottle to let you know the volume of your Liquid with ease.

Not only is it extremely good for your health but its also perfect for you environment saving it from Plastic products.This shaker bottle has a long serving life then plastic shaker bottle, its strong, it's sturdy, it's chemical free and it saves your environment.

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