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We are ready to go extreme extent to achieve our goal and we try our best to make it happen. Similarly, a serious bodybuilder who has some goals in similar industries or any individual who dream to have a hardcore muscular physique do their best to build as perfect as possible.


In the race of achieving the Bodybuilding goal few people make some serious mistake and end up running physical and mental health. The most common Supplement which is sole responsible for many of the health issues is “Steroids”. As per the research daily lakhs of user search the advantages and disadvantages of using Steroids for Muscle Growth.

Steroids will always remain as a mystery. Coz whenever you try to search about steroids there will be a lot to know about it. Some say you can use Steroids which will give you effective results and some says using steroids will cause you more problems.


Is both are true?

Yeah, using steroids will give you effective results and also you will be getting some side effects which can be serious too.

Steroids are usually used to Build Muscle Mass. Bodybuilders used to bulk up their body and the Athletes used to improve their performance. Your life would be better when you take Steroids and at the same time, your life would get worse because they cause permanent damage to your body. When you use Steroids, you will be having rapid Muscle Growth, recovery, Strength, and Leanness.


There are two ways to see this scenario:

1. It would take good time and a lot of hard work for the non-steroids user to build an impressive physique whereas Steroid user will get that impressive body in a shorter period.

2. Steroids are really very dangerous and it will cause some serious permanent side effects though it has the potential of building Muscle Mass, improving your Strength and speed recovery.

It depends on which statements is more favorable to you.


The true definition of Fitness is not flaunting of Muscle, it’s the core Strength and flawless lifestyle where you rarely get sick. Unless you are targeting Olympia you shouldn’t have considerable reason to go for Supplements like Steroids. Bodybuilding Nutrition like Whey ProteinWeight GainerFat Burner and Multivitamins are common amongst Athletes and Gym freaks. Though, you must take proper precaution before using these Supplements as well.


Common side effects of using steroids:

1. High blood pressure and Abnormal cholesterol level.

2. Nausea and bloating.

3. Increased risk of liver, kidney and prostate cancer.

4. Chance of heart attack and stroke.

5. Stopping the bone development and linear growth.

6. Cardiovascular complications.

7. Hormonal imbalance and sleep disturbances.

8. Dermatological problem.

9. Shrinkage of the tactical and reduces sperm count.


Steroids cause you unhealthy and damaging effects to you which can lead you to have emotional and physical problems. Abusing steroids will increase your aggressive behavior. Even it will stimulate the growth of cancers and also you won’t get any symptoms for some harmful effects in your body which are caused by the steroids. Whether you are using or not using steroids is up to you. But all we could suggest is steroids are very dangerous to your health.


Greenex Nutrition does not support or oppose the uses of Steroids and not answerable for any circumstances. Above information/facts are the writer’s individual opinion and not vow to be true. We believe in personal preferences and readers are free to take their own decisions.



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