Whey Protein


In the urban area, the recent dreams of many youngsters are to wake up early. Even when we set the consecutive alarms with an interval of 5 minutes still we fail to stop our hands from pressing the snooze button.


A few decades ago it was an effortless activity. Because people back then were quite multifarious and used to be more active then now.


Bundles of thoughts come into our mind when we look for the “reasons” that make us inactive and lethargic day by day. Are the foods we eat or the unhealthy environment we live in? Are those electronic devices which keep us awake all night or our procrastinating behaviors of watching TV series one after another? Our hectic lifestyle or lack of concern about health? etc.


You might have picked your reason for what belongs to your bucket, the reason could be one, few or all. But one reason is common amongst all, even if you agree or not is “Food”. A glimpse of the thought of trying something spicy street food on a rainy day left us storing bad cholesterol and stubborn fat.


But it’s not that, our ancestors were deprived of these kinds of foods but their regular work schedule used to be hectic enough to deplete those elements on the same day. Lifestyles of individuals have changed now as the quality of foods.


So, for now, we need to give utmost attention to the kinds of foods we eat rather than focusing on how to remove after storing. Because diet plays a major role in making your day active or inactive.

Your physique is the best mirror of the foods you prefer. Moreover, routine and disciplined workout has their importance.


Certainly, it’s easier to manage your workout than a diet plan because of the hectic lifestyle and lack of information about the source of nutrition and foods. That is why supplements positioned their space amidst bodybuilders and athletes quite firmly. But still, information about ingredients is needed either its normal diet or dietary supplements. Following this, let me introduce with one of such kind of health supplement which is appreciated by more than 95% of the user.



ISO Legend Whey Protein Isolate:

GXN ISO Legend whey protein is a type of Isolate whey protein contains the highest amount of protein with almost zero carbs presence. This category of supplement is mainly preferred for weight loss and lean muscle building.

There are tons of isolate whey protein available in marker but how ISO Legend managed to gain its fans base is definately a matter of concern. So, let’s learn about a few impeccable features of this protein.



ISO Legend Whey Protein Ingredients.

1. It is an ultra-pure isolate whey protein whose ingredients are imported from the USA.

2. It contains di-peptides (amino acid pairs) and tri-peptides (amino acid triples). These are keys that fit specific genetic locks in the body to turn on protein functions.

3. Followed by this, this is enriched with amino acids profile (Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine) that your body needs to repair muscles after a workout.

4. It is free from added sugar and doping ingredients.

5. Fortified with digestive enzymes.


Benefits of ISO Legend Whey Protein Isolate.

1. Supports in Lean Muscle Building.

2. High in Protein, BCAA and EAA

3. Accelerate the Pace of Muscle Repair and Recovery.

4. Boosts Strength and Stamina.

5. Fast Digestion and Absorption.


As you can see how amazing this product is crafted. It’s just not another pack of supplement promising results unreasonably. Many measures have been considered at each step during the formulation of this supplement.

ISO Legend whey protein is a product of India’s leading supplement brand Greenex Nutrition. Visit www.gogxn.com for more.



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